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Global Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

1. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine have spread into 183 countries globally. (1)

2. National TCM Act / Registration have taken effect in these countries: Australia, South Africa, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Hungarian and Switzerland. Many other countries will follow. (2)

3. 45 out of 50 states recognized TCM in the USA and 5 out of 10 in Canada. (2)

4. UK and Europe regulated complementary medicine. (2)

5. German established and run a TCM hospital for 20 years now. (2)

6. Czech set up a TCM center in 2016 (3)Spanish is going to set up a TCM center. (4)


7. Russia set up many TCM center and schools in recent years. (2)

8. There are more than 300 TCM education providers outside China. (2)

9. Global TCM industry is about USD$170 billion in 2016. (5)

10. There estimated that 300,000 TCM practitioners outside China and 100,000 medical doctors practice acupuncture. (2)

11. Nobel medicine price was awarded to a TCM Professor Tu Youyou in 2015. (6)

12. 11,874,936 acupuncture services were provided by Australian General Practitioners from 1995-2011. (7)

References: (1) China Congress, Beijing, March 2018; (2) International TCM conference, Beijing, 29 May 2016; (3) CCTV net: 28, April 2017; (4) 8 May 2017; (5) UWS news Nov 2016; (6) Nobel committee, 5 Oct 2015; (7). Acupuncture in Medicine, (Australia) 2013, 0, 1-6.

Learning and Practicing Cupping not for athletes only

In the Rio 2016 Olympics, the round purple colored cupping marks on athletes’ bodies attracted significant public attention.

Related image

Image result for Rio 2016 Olympics cupping

Image result for Rio 2016 Olympics cupping

What were they and were the athletes really working on their sport injury? How could the ancient methods play such an important role in their achievements? Why did top international heroes choose cupping instead of other modern medical technology? It certainly reminds us of the need for further studying in the true value of the ancient healing method, which originated from Traditional Chinese medicine.

Image result for treatment on sport injury

Every four years, thousands of athletes try their best to fulfill an Olympic medal dream. The unexpected sporting injuries often hold them back. Healing the injury, recovering from excessive physical training and maintaining high quality performance have become the main part of an athlete’s daily life.

Image result for sport injury

Image result for sport injury

One of the best instruments to assist them is CUPPING. The Rio 2016 Olympics have definitely drawn much more study and research attention on this ancient technique.

Image result for ancient healing methodRelated image

What is the scientific evidences of cupping therapy?

This research gives answer:

(Source: Technology Daily reporter Yong Li correspondent Zeng Li 23 February 2018)

February 22, the reporter learned form Second Affiliated Hospital of Military Medical University (Chongqing Xinqiao Hospital) was informed that the Institute of PLA oncology Li Yongsheng team pioneered the use if mouse cupping model, the use of ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry established Lipid Metabolomics Platform reveals the variation of anti-inflammatory/ pro-inflammatory lipid metabolism profile caused by cupping therapy and provides scientific support for the potential mechanism of cupping therapy.

The research paper was published in the journal Cell Physiol Biochem on the 20th February 2018

Image result for scientific research

Learning and practicing cupping has been one of the study activities in the Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SITCM).

SITCM offer the courses:

  • Bachelor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
  • Diploma of remedial massage.

All courses are with government “Fee Help” and “VET STUDENT LOANS (Condition applied).

The next Open Day for 2019 enrollment is Saturday 23 June 2018, 11am to 2pm. Cupping and acupuncture demonstration will be performed on the day. The courses will commence: 18 February 2019. HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage July Intake will commence: 30 July 2018.

SITCM Teaching Clinic is offering First time FREE CONSULTATION AND CUPPING + ACUPUNCTURE treatment till 10 February 2019!

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