Governance & Management


Board of Directors

Sydney Institute of Health Sciences trading as Sydney Traditional Chinese Medicine (SITCM) is governed by a Board of Directors which oversees the control and management of the operations of SITCM. The Board of Directors ensures that SITCM fulfils its responsibilities as detailed in its Mission and Goals and continues to meet its obligations and responsibilities as a higher education provider.

The Board of Directors comprises the following members:

  • Chairman: Professor Emeritus Basil Roufogalis
  • Ms Shirley Li
  • Mr Tony Guarna
  • Associate Professor Kristine Barlow-Stewart
  • Mr Michael Carter

Academic Board

The Academic Board is the governance body that oversees the academic and educational direction and operations of SITCM. The Academic Board ensures excellence in teaching and learning through academic quality assurance, free intellectual enquiry and integrity, and scholarship and professional development. The Academic Board determines academic policies and procedures and appoints standing committees to assist in the efficient operation of academic matters.

The Academic Board comprises the following members:

  • Chair: Associate Professor Kristine Barlow-Stewart
  • Associate Professor Chun Guang Li
  • Dr Hui Chen
  • Ms Maria Deligiannis
  • Ms Jian Jiang
  • Dr Yan Li

Two standing committees inform the Academic Board. They are the:

Course Advisory Committee

  • Ms Jian Jiang
  • Dr Sean Walsh
  • Associate Professor Jane Messer
  • Professor Dennis Chang
  • Mr Tieguang Gu
  • Dr Yan Li
  • Dr Hui Chen

Teaching and Learning Committee

  • Dr Yan Li
  • Dr Hui Chen
  • Mr Tieguang Gu
  • Mr Damien Mathews
  • Dr David Suh
  • Mr Mathew Goss
  • Ms Julie Phung
  • Ms Karen Soo
  • Ms Rosa Zhang
  • Ms Teresa Huynh


Executive Management Group

The Executive Management Group is appointed by the Board of Directors to exercise an executive decision-making and coordination role in relation to the Institute’s business. The Executive Management Group implements policies and procedures to enable the efficient management and coordination of the Institute’s business. The Executive Management Group implements the Strategic Plan and Risk Management Plan to ensure that SITCM maintains a quality assured teaching and learning environment for all stakeholders.

The Executive Management Group is responsible for ensuring that SITCM meets its obligations and responsibilities as a NVR registered training organisation (within the meaning of the NVETR Act).

The Executive Management Group comprises the following members:

  • Chairman and CEO: Mr Yifan Yang
  • Dean: Ms Jian Jiang
  • Associate Dean: Mr Tieguang Gu
  • Course Coordinator: Dr Yan Li
  • Finance Manager: Ms Jasmine Li
  • Quality Assurance Manager/WHS Manager: Mr Damien Mathews
  • Office Manager/IT Officer: Mr Kenny Liang
  • Registrar: Ms Karen Soo
  • Clinic Manager/Librarian: Ms Rosa Zhang

Organisational Structure

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