Student Feedback

SITCM strongly encourages all feedback so that our strengths can be recognised and our weaknesses addressed. Students have at least six pathways to provide feedback to SITCM:

  • 1. Lecturers

If students feel comfortable raising feedback related to class content with the lecturer directly, they are encouraged to do so – this is likely the fastest way to resolve the issue.

  • 2. Student Representatives

Each class has a designated student representative (elected by the class at the beginning of each academic year), who can be contacted at any time during semester. Student representatives can notify SITCM of any student issues, while protecting student anonymity if requested to do so.

  • 3. Moodle Feedback

Any student may leave anonymous feedback at any time via the anonymous feedback page on Moodle.

  • 4. Suggestions Box

The SITCM Campus contains six suggestions boxes (four on Level 5, one on Level 6 and one on Level 7), all of which are checked regularly.

  • 5. Campus QR Codes

Each floor of the SITCM campus contains QR codes that students can scan to provide quick and anonymous feedback.

  • 6. Student Feedback Survey

In the final weeks of each semester, a student feedback survey is conducted for every subject. All present students will be provided anonymous survey forms to complete during class.

Please refer to the Stakeholder Feedback Policy and Procedure for further information.