China Study Tour

Visit China as part of your learning journey

SITCM has partnered with the Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (JXUTCM) to provide a study tour opportunity to our Bachelor degree students. The tour is held in summer and/or winter breaks (subject to student demand). Participating students visit JXUTCM’s Nanchang campus for 18 days of:

  • clinic observation, workshops and seminars (weekdays), and
  • local sightseeing (weekends).

Interpreters are provided for non-Chinese-speaking participants.

This optional tour is open to all Year 2, 3 and 4 SITCM students. The time participating students spend doing clinical observation can be counted towards the external TCM clinic observation component of their degree.

JXUTCM charges participating students for the cost of this study tour. SITCM does not charge students any fee.

For further information, please email

The JXUTCM campus

The city of Nanchang

Nearby Lushan National Park