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Top TCM Tips to Help Enrich Your Life during Pregnancy

13th March, 2019

In traditional Chinese medicine, the pregnant woman is regarded as a person who should be taken care of in a unique way. During pregnancy, a lot of hormonal changes take place that not only weaken the woman's defences but might also put the child she carries at risk. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine takes care of not only the expectant woman but also the unborn child.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Use of Intermittent Fasting for Health

27th February, 2019

There are two ways of getting energy for daily function, one is burning the nutrients from food, the carbohydrates and sugars especially. The other is burning stored fats. When we are eating, we derive energy to serve our muscular functions from the nutrients in the food. Extra nutrients are changed into fats which can be quickly oxidised or burned to supply energy if needed. When we fast or do not eat, if the body needs the energy to function, the reserves of fat are called up to be oxidised and provide energy for activities of the body that calls for it. After a meal, fat is stored. Between meals, stored fat is slowly released, keeping body cells supplied with energy. The brain needs the immediate, easily oxidised converted sugars (glucose) from food, the bodily organs burn the energy from stored fats. When we eat, nutrition not immediately burned is stored as fats. If we eat too much, we store excess fats until we have more stored fats than the body will reasonably use.

5 Important Things to Consider When Starting Your Own TCM Business

13th February, 2019

Every student of Traditional Chinese Medicine looks forward to graduating and starting their TCM career! It's a rewarding path, so naturally, you're eager to get going. Still, before you start your own TCM business, there are several important things you need to consider. Here are five of them:

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