Upcoming Webinars

Event NameDatePresenter(s)Registration
Interprofessional Series 2: Major Depressive Disorder: A Case Demonstration22 September, 6pm - 9pmMs Morag PatersonCLICK HERE TO REGISTER
TCM for Irritable Bowel Syndrome4 October, 6pm - 9pmDr Anna Funing GuoCLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Interprofessional Series 3: Physiotherapy, Knee Pain & Related Problems6 October, 6pm - 9pmMs Rosanne NgCLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Interprofessional Series 4: Understanding and Collaborating with GPs13 October, 6pm - 9pmDr Lawrence LiCLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Introduction of TCM Historic Records in Anti-epidemic Outbreaks18 October, 3pm - 7pmMr Yifan YangCLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Viral Infections in Western Medicine25 October, 6pm - 9pmDr Kevin YinCLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment for Peptic ulcer15 November, 6pm - 9pmDr Harry XieCLICK HERE TO REGISTER