Complaints & Appeals

SITCM is committed to developing and maintaining an effective, timely, fair and equitable grievance (complaints) handling system which is easily accessible to all current students and persons seeking to enrol with SITCM.

A grievance (complaint) can be defined as a person’s expression of dissatisfaction with any aspect of SITCM’s services and activities, including both academic and non-academic matters, such as:

  • the enrolment, induction/orientation process;
  • the quality of education provided;
  • academic issues, including student progress, assessment, curriculum and awards in a course of study;
  • handling of personal information and access to personal records;
  • the way someone has been treated.

Before an issue becomes a formal grievance, complainants are encouraged, wherever possible, to resolve concerns or difficulties informally with the person(s) concerned. There are staff available to assist the resolution of issues at this level. Complainants may raise an informal grievance by contacting the Administration Office in person or by phoning (02) 9212 1968, and asking to speak to the Student Support Officer. Please note that it is not mandatory for complainants to raise a grievance informally.

To submit a formal grievance, complainants can use the procedures detailed in the Academic and Non-academic Grievance Handling Policy & Procedure. These grievance procedures are designed to ensure that SITCM responds effectively to individual cases of dissatisfaction.

Academic and Non-academic Grievance Handling Policy & Procedure (545kb)