Credit for Prior Learning

If you have engaged in formal study at another higher education provider, you could be eligible for Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) – potentially shortening the time and cost needed to complete SITCM’s Bachelor of TCM degree by up to 70%.

We award CPL by mapping subjects that you have completed elsewhere to equivalent subjects at SITCM. The amount of credit we award depends on how closely the subjects align. You generally need to have completed a subject within the last 10 years to receive CPL for it.

In recent years we have awarded CPL for a range of subjects from numerous providers (such as Endeavour College, Western Sydney University and the University of Melbourne). Please click here for a list of these subjects.

There are 2 important things to note:

  • Subjects not on the above list may still receive CPL. The list is not exhaustive – it is only intended to show recent examples of CPL approvals.
  • Subjects on the above list are not guaranteed to receive CPL. Although these subjects are likely to receive CPL, no outcome is guaranteed.

Our CPL assessor has the authority to accept or reject each application in accordance with the Credit for Prior Learning Policy and Procedure. Please read this policy for further information on CPL at SITCM.

To apply for CPL, please complete the CPL Application Form and send it, together with supporting documentation, to