Visa Requirements

International students are required to remain with the same education provider with whom they originally enrolled for at least the first 12 months of the course (or the duration of the course if it is less than 12 months) unless they obtain permission from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) to transfer.
Where a student undertakes a prerequisite course prior to commencing their principal course they must complete the prerequisite study and 12 months of the principal course before changing provider.
Students wishing to change education provider during the period of restriction which applies, must make an application with DIAC.

All international students are required to inform their education provider of their Australian residential address within seven (7) days of arrival in Australia and any subsequent change of residential address within seven days.

All student visa holders are required to meet course requirements. For persons granted a student visa on or after of 01 November 2008 where attendance records are maintained, as in the case of the Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, DIAC requires all overseas students to attend a minimum 80% of each term or semester period. Any student unable to reach at least 80% attendance of a term or semester will be automatically reported to DIAC, and this may result in the cancellation of the student visa.