History of SITCM

The Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SITCM) has a thirty-eight-year history of providing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) education and continues to contribute significantly to the development of traditional Chinese medicine education in Australia.

SITCM was established in 1984 as the “NSW College of Natural Therapy”. The current trading name was registered in 1989 to provide a more direct and clear reference to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) education and to reflect SITCM’ primary purpose. The first formal TCM education program delivered by SITCM was the Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine between 1996 and 2003 and the Advanced Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ADTCM) between 2004 and 2014.

With the widening recognition of TCM in Australia and the demand for quality education in this discipline, SITCM developed and successfully obtained accreditation for a Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in December 2011. The BTCM program commenced in February 2012. The program is a four-year undergraduate degree and the course’s learning outcomes appropriately align with Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) criteria for Level 7 (Bachelor) qualifications and with the Chinese medicine accreditation standards established by the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia.