Information Literacy

This page shows you how to find information and do research during your SITCM course. The information research process consists of 4 steps:

1. PLANNING your information search

Before you start your research, let’s do some planning. It will save you time later on!

  • Understand the topic;
  • Identify keywords;
  • Find out what type of information you need.

2. LOCATING information in both printed and electronic formats

  • Sources of Information;
  • Know the advantages of using a variety of information sources;
  • Searching Tools;
  • Know how to search for information in the library.

3. EVALUATING the information you find

Evaluate means to test and find the value or quality of something. When you have found information you think may be useful for your assignment it is important that you evaluate the information. Whether it comes from a book, a journal or the Internet, you can use these criteria to evaluate the quality and usefulness of the information.

The information you use needs to be:

  • Relevant
  • Authoritative
  • Current

4. PRESENTING the information as an assignment

You will need to summaries and organise your sources and write and edit your work before it is ready for presentation.

You also need to carefully acknowledge your sources. (Please refer to below SITCM Guide to APA Referencing for more information.) SITCM Guide to APA 7th Edition Style Referencing