Academic Integrity

What is Academic Integrity?

At SITCM, our students are expected to uphold the principles of academic integrity in their classwork, examinations and written and oral assessments. This includes the ethical obligation to act with honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility and courage in learning (ICAI, 2014). In doing so, an environment conducive to the goals of teaching, learning and service can be maintained.
Why Academic Integrity Matters
What is Academic Misconduct?
APA Referencing Essentials

Studying with Integrity

Here are 8 steps you can take to study with integrity:

  1. Complete the Student Academic Integrity Quiz.
  2. Read and understand the all the information for each unit of study. This may include learning guides, unit outline, documents on how to write an assignment and emails from your unit lecturer or tutor.
  3. When conducting research for your assignment, keep accurate records of the sources you read to so that it will be easier to correctly cite others’ work when you refer back to it.
  4. Refer to our page on referencing. Check your assignment to ensure it abides by the referencing style required.
  5. Check your work against the academic integrity checklist.
  6. Resubmit your paper on TurnItIn ahead of time to check the originality report. Remember, getting a score under a certain percentage does not mean you have not plagiarised; the threshold score is individual to each marker.
  7. Attend academic writing and study workshops.
  8. Seek advice from our Academic Support Officer for any queries on essay writing, study tips and referencing.


The Student Academic Misconduct Policy outlines the principles and processes concerning Academic Misconduct and applies to both HE and VET students.

Related Policies:

  • Student Assessment Policy and Procedure
  • Student Support Policy and Procedure
  • Academic Grievance Policy and Procedure

Please click here to access our policy page.


If you have any questions about academic integrity and misconduct or need extra academic support, please speak with your Lecturer/Tutor or contact the Academic Support Officer.


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