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Mission of SITCM

Mission of SITCM

The Mission of SITCM is to educate and unlock the power of TCM through the delivery of high quality accredited education.

The Mission of SITCM is realised through the following goals:

  1. Provide accredited education courses in traditional Chinese medicine
  2. Inculcate and maintain high professional standards within the Institute and amongst staff and students
  3. Create a supportive learning and teaching environment that is conducive to free intellectual enquiry and scholarly endeavour
  4. Graduate industry-ready TCM practitioners who value continuing professional development and are prepared to contribute meaningfully to the TCM community of practice
  5. Enhance the involvement of the broader community through the promotion of TCM as a valid complimentary form of medical treatment
  6. Promote, support and contribute to TCM research and the publication of research outcomes.


Last Updated: 2019-04-22