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The Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SITCM) has been providing vocational education in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and TCM Remedial Massage in Australia for over 28 years. It is a progressive institution, established to promote the growth and development of a broader system of health delivery encompassing complementary and Traditional Chinese Medicine within our community and the health profession.

SITCM aims to produce primary health care practitioners who practise their profession in a safe, effective and responsible manner within the framework of the National Health Care System.

The training provided by SITCM is designed to serve the community in a variety of ways, such as through primary health care, ongoing education programs, and working alongside other healthcare professionals in various clinical settings.

SITCM fosters open-mindedness and commitment to high ideals, providing an environment in which students develop a commitment to continuing self-education and self-fulfilment through service to others. Graduates are empowered to work in a professional and ethical manner and to raise community confidence in the National Health Care System.

Our teaching staff thrive on the challenge of continuous improvement by providing education services that are evidence-based, rigorous and integrative of theory and practice.

SITCM extends a warm welcome to you to experience a professional, friendly and supportive environment at one of the Australia’s longest established and most respected institutions of TCM.

We sincerely hope, and we will endeavour to ensure, that your time at SITCM is memorable and productive.