VET Policies & Forms

Before reading the policies and procedures on this page, prospective and current students should familiarise themselves with the SITCM VET Student Manual, which provides more information on what you should know about studying at SITCM.

Academic and Non-Academic Grievance Handling

Sydney Institute of Health Sciences Pty Ltd trading as Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (“SITCM”) is committed to developing and maintaining an effective, timely, fair and equitable grievance handling system which is easily accessible to all complainants.

Academic and Non-academic Grievance Handling Policy Procedure (545 kb)

Entry Requirements

Entry criteria and application procedures for SITCM’s VET courses are published in SITCM’s VET Student Prospectus and on SITCM’s website for the information of persons seeking to enrol with SITCM.

Persons seeking to enrol are required to satisfy the admission requirements, meet additional selection criteria and be selected in competition with other eligible applicants.

Entry Requirements Procedure (406 kb)

Fair Treatment and Equal Benefits and Opportunities

SITCM is committed to full and equal educational benefits and opportunities for all its enrolled and prospective students. All applicants, regardless of background, circumstances or eligibility for funding, will be assessed for entry to study through the same published entry requirements and through the same process.

Fair Treatment and EBO Procedure (406 kb)

Personal Information

SITCM complies with the Information Privacy Principles as set out in section 14 of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 when dealing with personal information collected in relation to FEE-HELP and VET FEE-HELP assistance.

Personal Information Procedures (388 kb)

Recognition of Prior Learning

SITCM is committed to develop open and accessible guidelines to recognise a student’s prior learning toward a  VET qualification or VET units of competency for which they are enrolled.

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Procedure (462 kb)

Statement of VET Tuition Assurance

SITCM has met the tuition assurance requirements of the HESA through its current membership of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training Australian Student Tuition Assurance Scheme.

Statement of VET Tuition Assurance (476 kb)

Refund Policy for Vocational Education Domestic Students

In the event of a student withdrawing from a unit of study on or before the census date for that unit of study 100% of tuition fees paid for that unit will be refunded to the student.

In the event of a student withdrawing from a unit of study after census date for that unit of study no refund is applicable.

Refund Policy – VET Student Loans (305 kb)

Student Review (for re-crediting a FEE-HELP Balance)

If a student withdraws from a unit of study after the census date for that unit of study, or has been unable to successfully complete a unit of study, and believes this was due to special circumstances then the student may apply to have their FEE-HELP balance re-credited for the affected units of study.

Student Review Procedures (492 kb)


SITCM is committed to promoting an inclusive and safe culture in which no student is marginalised or discriminated against.

SITCM upholds the principle that all students are entitled to engage in the educational process free from disruptive or inappropriate behaviours. To this end the Institute is committed to ensuring that there are clearly defined standards of behaviour and conduct for all enrolled students, that appropriate campus security arrangements are in place, and that students are made aware of actions they can take to enhance their safety and security both on and off campus.


Student Support Services

SITCM is responsible for ensuring that appropriate student support services are provided to assist students in completing their studies and reaching their academic goals.

Student Support Services Policy and Procedure (351 kb)

VET Attendance Policy

This monitoring enables SITCM to identify students who are at risk of failing to meet attendance requirements and allows SITCM to offer support so that such students are assisted to achieve their educational goals.

VET Attencance Policy