Student Manual

This Student Manual has been prepared in accordance with Institute policies and procedures, national higher education standards, and the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia’s (CMBA) professional practice standards and guidelines. The Manual contains information about SITCM, the courses offered, the rights and responsibilities of students, and policies and requirements for learning and assessment.

This Student Manual is a resource to assist you in your studies with SITCM along with other valuable resources such as the following:

  • The Clinical Practice Program Handbook;
  • The Manual for Clinical Practice (Teaching and Learning);
  • SITCM’s Policies and Procedures are strongly encouraged to access these resources to complement their studies through SITCM’s website:

For questions regarding this Manual and any other resources, please contact academic and/or student support staff through the Administration Office:


View the Student Manual and associated Policies and forms here:

Higher Education Students:
Student Manual (Higher Education), HE Policies and Forms (More forms are available on Moodle)

Vocational Education Students:  VET Student Manual, VET Policies and Forms (More forms are available on Moodle)