Vision & Governance

The Mission of SITCM is to educate, promote and unlock the power of TCM through the delivery of high quality accredited education.

This Mission is realised through the following goals:

  • Provide accredited education courses in traditional Chinese medicine
  • Inculcate and maintain high professional standards within SITCM and amongst staff and students
  • Create a supportive learning and teaching environment that is conducive to free intellectual enquiry and scholarly endeavour
  • Graduate industry-ready TCM practitioners who value continuing professional development and are prepared to contribute meaningfully to the TCM community of practice
  • Enhance the involvement of the broader community through the promotion of TCM as a valid complimentary form of medical treatment
  • Promote, support and contribute to TCM research and the publication of research outcomes.

SITCM’s Mission and Goals are realised through the following governing Boards and Committees:


The Board of Directors oversees the control and management of the operations of SITCM and ensures that SITCM fulfils its responsibilities as detailed in its Mission and Goals, and continues to meet its obligations and responsibilities as a higher education provider.


The Executive Management Group (EMG) is appointed by the Board of Directors to exercise an executive decision-making and coordination role in relation to Institute business. The EMG implements policies and procedures to enable the efficient management and coordination of Institute business. The EMG implements the Strategic, Marketing, Business and Risk Management Plans to ensure that SITCM maintains a quality assured teaching and learning environment for all stakeholders.


The Academic Board is the governance body that oversees the academic and educational direction and operations of SITCM. The Academic Board ensures excellence in teaching and learning through academic quality assurance, free intellectual enquiry and integrity, and scholarship and professional development. The Academic Board monitors academic policies and procedures and appoints advisory committees to assist in the smooth and efficient operation of academic matters.

Professor Emeritus Basil Roufogalis
Chair of Board of Directors


The Course Advisory Committee (CAC) is convened by the Academic Board for each broad discipline to provide industry and content specific advice and guidance in relation to the development and on-going revision of SITCM’s courses. This include providing advice on new course proposals, report on applications for accreditation of new courses and re-accreditation of existing courses and to review existing courses. External membership in the CAC provides an additional measure of assuring the quality and relevance of the SITCM’s courses.


The Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) is appointed by the Academic Board to monitor and report on quality assurance processes for teaching and learning within SITCM which are in place to ensure that day-to-day academic operations meet quality educational standards. The TLC implements academic policies relating to all teaching and learning processes, monitors student progression and completion rates, assessment moderation, results, facilities and resources, and encourages a culture of scholarship throughout SITCM.