Dr Harry Xie


Clinic Supervisor
Lectures in:
• CHM203 Chinese Herbal Medicine & Formulae 2
Supervise BTCM units with clinical components

Relevant Qualification(s) and Experience:  

PhD (Clinical Integrative Medicine) (Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine) 2013;

Master of Herbal Medicine (University of Sydney) 2005;

Bachelor of TCM (Guangzhou University of TCM, China) 1983.

Member, Vice President and President of SITCM Executive Committee; Member and President of the SITCM Academic Committee; Executive member of the NSW Association of Chinese Medicine; Member AACMA

  • 1992-present: Lecturer/tutor and Clinic Supervisor, SITCM
  • 1998-present: TCM Practitioner (private practice) at Harry’s Clinic of Chinese Medicine, Chatswood, Sydney
  • 1983-1989: TCM Doctor and Physician at Guangzhou Municipal Hospital of TCM, China