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This form is used for domestic applicants to the Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine; international applicants (as defined in the table below) should apply here. Applicants to a Diploma or Cert. IV course should apply here.

You are an international student if you are:You are not an international student if you are:
A Temporary Resident of AustraliaAn Australian citizen
A Permanent Resident of New ZealandAn Australian Permanent Resident
A Resident or citizen of any other countryA New Zealand citizen
  1. Complete the Online Student Application Form below.
  2. Upload all required documentation listed in the form.
  3. Submit the application form and the necessary documentation.
  4. If your application is successful you will receive an Offer of Enrolment & Acceptance Agreement letter for your nominated course, along with pre-enrolment and fee payment information. You will need to sign and return the Acceptance Agreement to us. Please read the Terms and Conditions of Acceptance carefully before signing the agreement.
  5. A receipt will be sent to you upon receipt of your payment.
Higher Education Domestic Student Application Form
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I declare that I have read the information on this application form and that the information I have provided is complete and correct. I understand that I have the right to access and amend personal information that SITCM holds about me, subject to legislation, by contacting the administration office at I authorise SITCM to obtain further information with respect to my application and, if necessary, seek confirmation of information provided by me. I acknowledge that SITCM reserves the right to vary or reverse any decision regarding admission made on the basis of incorrect, incomplete or fraudulent information. I understand that the information I have provided will remain private and confidential and may only be used for Government Statistical purposes only, including information requested by the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia about students and the mandatory notification requirements under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law. I agree to abide by the regulations and policies of SITCM.
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