3 Innovative Approaches to Weight Loss Through Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine has been around for over thousands of years and has proven effective for many different treatments. However, for those who have tried everything to lose weight and still have unsuccessful results, it may be time to look to the past to get results for the future.


While acupuncture has been used for the treatment of many problematic symptoms and diseases throughout the years, the newest research is showing positive results in the area of weight loss. This research has shown a decrease in body mass index (BMI) in groups receiving acupuncture versus a control group not receiving acupuncture.

Vacuum Manual Therapy

Often referred to as “cupping”, this Traditional Chinese treatment is often used for chronic pain management, arthritis and other spinal problems.  However, it has also shown to give a boost to weight loss.

Herbs and Teas

While many people have no reservation taking an oral medication for weight loss, many people often overlook the most natural of methods for weight loss with the fewest side effects. Black and green teas have antioxidant qualities which help cleanse the body, while white and oolong teas can help increase metabolism. In addition to that, herbs can be helpful. For example, cayenne can reduce hunger and cinnamon can regulate blood sugar.


In a society that spends millions of dollars to assist in weigh t loss, wh y not turn back to the methods used and proven effective for thousands of years?

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