Traditional Chinese Medicine has proven to be effective in treating a wide range of modern health concerns. Heart health is especially important, given how common heart-related illnesses have become. In TCM, the heart is often referred to as the “ruler” of our organs. It is said that the heart houses the Shen, which has an influential role over the entire body. Given that every part of the body relies on the heart to function, it isn’t hard to see how this may be the case.

For the most part, the methods of TCM compare similarly to most other heart health regimens. Diet, exercise, proper rest, and honest emotional expression are all an essential part of taking care of your heart. By paying attention and maintaining good habits, TCM practices can go a long way towards making your heart healthy and invigorated for a long and productive life.


TCM promotes a number of exercises that have been shown to improve cardiovascular function as well as overall well-being. By regularly practising arts like Tai-Chi and other forms of exercise that promote stretching, the force that drives blood flow known as “Qi” is strengthened. Having a strong Qi means our blood is being circulated properly.

Other forms of exercise that may be used involve deep breathing and teeth clenching. Exercises like these can tranquillise the nerves, strengthen teeth, and invigorate our circulatory function.


Dietary therapy has been used in TCM for millennia and is undoubtedly important to our modern understanding of health. Simple measures like eating more fruits and vegetables, limiting portion sizes, and avoiding fats and sodium are all utilised alongside other treatments in TCM.

The importance of red foods or warm food is also stressed heavily in TCM. Things like rhubarb, red apples and dates, beef, saffron, and black tea are all seen as beneficial to a warm heart with a healthy Qi.

Rest & Relaxation

The heart isn’t only important to our blood flow, it has a huge influence on our mind as well. TCM considers heart health to be vital for proper sleep and emotional well-being. The two go hand in hand. Proper sleep and heart health cannot function properly without one another.

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