Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM for short, is a form of medicine characterised by using herbs, pressure point stimulation, and other natural methods (including psychological coaching and diet adjustment) to help in a variety of ailments. It has its roots in thousands of years-old practises, predating even written documents, and continues to be relevant in modern medicine.

Here are 4 facts about TCM to answer some popular queries:

1. TCM has been used for thousands of years. This form of treatment has been practised for over 2,000 years, beginning with ancient Chinese Taoists who believed that discord within the body was the catalyst for many illnesses. Their methods have been carried through some of our modern-day health practises and have even influenced the structure of other surrounding Asian countries’ traditional medicines.

2. TCM encompasses both body and mind. Through the use of the gentle, dance-like forms of relaxation and exercise tai chi and qi gong, pressure point manipulation called acupuncture, and medicinal herbs and their extracts and by-products, TCM covers both physical and mental manifestations of illness in many ways. Users of traditional medicine believe that both the mind and body must be harmonious in order to be healthy.

3. TCM focuses on treatment and prevention. Most modern medicine focuses on the treatment of an existing illness while leaving preventative medicine to be lumped in with common buzz words, like “homeopathy” and “natural remedies” that allude to unreliability and placebos. Traditional Chinese medicine puts prevention at the forefront of its treatment methods, which are developed specifically for balancing both mind and body.

4. TCM is considered safe if executed by a trained professional. Though some Chinese supplements have been reported to contain toxins if purchased through unreliable channels, receiving treatments from an expert of traditional Chinese medicine is considered safe by the American National Institute of Health. Tai chi is considered both safe and excellent for low-impact, full-body exercise.

Though the evidence of their reliability has been lacking more thorough clinical studies, use of these traditional methods is considered equitable if performed by a registered health professional.

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