Open seven days a week, our clinical services alternate between TCM and massage based lessons. We provide students with educational experiences right at their fingertips. 


SITCM strives to maintain a balance of progressive education mixed with personal and professional development. We aim to maximise the ability each student has to critically analyse research and cultivate a trust in interdependent decisions through clinical practice.  Providing a wide range of services, we encourage those studying to evaluate clinical information through differentiation. 

Each student should be able to pursue high values and chase their ability to exceed expectations in the health care world. Our clinic provides scholars and learners alike with a set arrangement to develop their clinical skill set. Starting at the basic beginner level and moving into observation, each lesson will provide a learning environment for our future practitioners. 


At our open clinic, we provide an array of services. You’re given a list of requests to ensure we supply you with the best service. Whether it’s a simple consultation or a specialised treatment, our clinic focuses on contributing to your well-being. 

When you schedule your appointment you’ll be able to choose from a list of options, enabling us to prepare for each appointment as needed. 

A short list of the services we provide is as follows:

  • Consultation – We will host a simple and quick arrangement to go over your basic healthcare needs
  • Acupuncture Treatment – Using needles, cupping techniques and moxa we’ll stimulate the body. Our students will be able to explain the history of the Chinese Medicine theory and the importance of the treatment itself. 
  • Herbal Medicine Treatment – Breaking down and emphasising Chinese herbal medicine for diseases of the body.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment and learn more about our how our specialists mix clinical and educational services to benefit you.