The majority of us have experienced acne, either as a hormonal teenager or as an adult. Some people have the joy of dealing with a more extreme form of acne called cystic acne, which leaves embarrassing scars behind. Others have another form of skin ailment called eczema. Eczema leaves skin dry, commonly with cracks and sores.

The affected skin looks more like a rash and gets very red and agitated. Eczema most usually appears in children and can last into adulthood in some cases. Both acne and eczema are most commonly treated with expensive soaps, creams, ointments and steroids.

While a small percentage of people are able to get some relief with these standard treatments, most do not and find themselves turning to their doctors for help. But what do you do when the family doctor’s tricks don’t work? Even worse, what do you do if you can’t afford to go to the doctor or lack health insurance?

Chinese Medicine Will Always Be an Option

Chinese medicine has been built on for more than 2000 years, so why does it seem like its only recently being accepted as a mainstream means of care? Many people immediately turn to Western medicine when they need solutions for common ailments but more and more, these same people find themselves turning to Chinese medicine after exhausting other options with little relief. Is true that acne and eczema sufferers alike.

Self-Contained Disease

Spleen Qi deficiency is the Chinese term for a gut disorder, more specifically referring to the inability to properly digest certain types of food. The Chinese believe that the majority of illness originates in the gut. This is especially true of inflammatory illnesses.

Wei Qi deficiency is the Chinese term for a weak immune system. This is also a common factor in children and adults who suffer from cystic acne and/or eczema. While Western medicine generally prescribes laboratory created drugs TCM, takes a different fundamental approach using herbal medicine as medication.

Easily Treatable Without Harmful Drugs

The good news is that Chinese medicine has practical and safe methods for healing your skin without any scary side effects. Skin ailments can be healed through gut-healing, immune-boosting practices without a need for antibiotics, steroids or laboratory concoctions.

Common recommendations for improving gut health include a daily probiotic to restore healthy flora for your best digestion, regular intake of bone broth which has a natural immune boost effect without harmful side effects, plenty of water for hydration and the flushing of toxins from the body, and starting on a regiment of daily Chinese herbs and teas, as recommended by an acupuncturist or Chinese healer.

A biofeedback session is also beneficial to identify food and environment allergy triggers, as well as underlying the organ or tissue illness. This information will assist the practitioner in selecting the appropriate herbs to treat you. Biofeedback can also help with a more targeted acupuncture session in support of your overall treatment and care. 

If you haven’t tried Chinese medicine in your hunt to cure acne and eczema in your skin, now is the time to act. See a local acupuncturist or biofeedback specialist today and change your life forever! 

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