Previously, we have discussed the fundamental TCM concepts of Qi and the five vital substances, how the vital organs (zang fu) manufacture and refine the substances, and how the jing luo distributes them throughout the body. In this final part, we will discuss what factors cause disharmony in the overall body system, and how they can be eliminated through the various TCM methods, such as herbs, acupuncture, acupressure, tui-na (therapeutic massage), cupping, and so on.

TCM views diseases by classifying them into six external factors (known as the “six pernicious influences”) and seven internal factors (“seven emotions”). For example, gout can be classified as “wind+cold and damp” or “wind+cold and heat”.

TCM ways of helping are  generally fall into the following types: Herbal remedies, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, tui-na, and variations thereof. Each of them uses slightly different methods, but the aim is the same: to restore balance in your internal systems.


Each TCM herbal remedy is made up of many different herbs customised to your body’s needs, to boost some organs while calming others, to remove excess influences such as heat or damp from your body, and counter any side effects of other herbs. Generally, a packet of all the ingredients is brewed as a bitter tea, and can be brewed generally twice, though refined pills are sometimes available.  


Previously we have discussed how jing luo, or channels connect the vital organs to the entire body. The channels can be manipulated at certain points (known as acupoints) via needles (acupuncture), pressure (acupressure), and moxibustion (heat and herbal material burned) to stimulate or calm the connected organs and areas, leading to balance and harmony.


Cupping and Tui-na are manipulations of the jing luo channels, with the aim of eliminating “stagnation” or blockage. Cupping is done via cups and heat to create suction and creates superficial bruises, while tui-na is similar to acupressure, but along the entire channel, rather than specific acupoints.

After learning more about TCM and how it takes a holistic view of the body to help it as a whole, not just specific symptoms you are now ready to come for a visit so SITCM can explain all of these in detail regarding your symptoms and help you choose the best healing option to your needs.

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