Those of you who are new to acupuncture will at one time or another wonder if it’s okay to eat before a session. This is a perfectly normal and rational question since we want to be as best prepared for any health procedure as possible. In order to answer if eating before acupuncture is okay or not , we need to look at possible physical effects of acupuncture and what eating does to your body when anticipating treatment.

Acupuncture requires as few adulterating substances as possible. Coffee and alcohol alter your stress levels and physical response, so stay away from either of these before or after your session.

– Eat a small snack or meal. You want to be comfortable, right? So try to eat at least a small meal. Protein or fresh, whole food is recommended. You should eat at least anywhere from a few hours before a session to 45 minutes beforehand.

If you don’t even have a light snack, you may experience light-headedness, dizziness or even fainting. The same can be said if you are very hungry before a session. Acupuncture can then cause a short-term drop in blood sugar. 

Food gives you a reserve of energy which your body can rely on if needed. Acupuncture is a holistic treatment that works with the body rather than against it, so you want your body to be in a steady state. We are talking about the movement of energy through the body, and eating will give you the boost you need to facilitate the process.

– On the other hand, if you eat excessively, then the treatment will not be as beneficial. Think of acupuncture as treating blockages of energy, and overeating as causing even more of blockage with the food, forcing the body to focus on digestion.

It also makes sense when looking at the specific issue you intending to treat. Anyone with a sleep disorder obviously wouldn’t want to eat before bedtime, so seeking acupuncture to treat your sleep disorder means you shouldn’t eat too much.

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