There are many practices around the world to treat various diseases and common ailments, many of which vary from continent to continent. Herbal medicine treatment, although not widely practised in most Western cultures is used in traditional Chinese medicine or TCM as a means to alleviating ailments and medical suffering of the body. Herbal medicine therapy refers to treating temporary diseases with the use of plant parts such as their roots, flowers, seeds, leaves or berries. This also refers to the prevention of most temporary sickness. Many ancient cultures like the Romans and Chinese have used these means to treat those combating illness. 

Those cultures of ancient times used herbal medicine treatment and some people of the Western world still practice those ideas today. However, in the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine, (TCM) it was a widely accepted practice. TCM approached illness prevention and treatment with a holistic approach and even was the authors of one of the oldest compilations of herbal remedies known to man. Written 2000 years ago, The Devine Farmer’s Classic of Herbalism was a testament that the Chinese valued their herbal medicine treatment. It played a fundamental role in the healthcare of Chinese society and is still valued today. 

There are many benefits to herbal medicine treatment. Here are a few to consider:

  • Some formulas may or may not require a prescription making perhaps more affordable. 
  • Since they are all-natural, they can be more effective in curing certain (not all) conditions.
  • They help to combat illnesses in the long term as well as help in preventing disease.

Herbal medicine treatment offers many advantages in the modern society just as it did in the ancient world and there are many who make a profession of doing so. SITCM offers practitioners, ready and happy to assist those in need.

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