The good news: The smoking rate of Australian adults has nearly halved since 1995 and is now hovering around 12.8 percent, according to a 2016 survey. The bad news: You or someone you love is addicted and needs help.

You already know smoking is terrible for your health, not to mention your finances and relationships. You may have tried nicotine gum or patches. Maybe you tried going cold turkey, or you’ve cut back a bit but still haven’t kicked the habit completely.

If none of the above methods has worked for you or you’re worried about the additional harm that synthetic aids might cause, consider using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help take control of your health.

There are significant studies that supports TCM as an effective tool for smoking cessation. An observational study published in 2015, for example, treated participants with acupuncture for eight weeks and found that “the exhaled carbon monoxide level and the number of cigarettes smoked per day were reduced significantly.” The authors concluded that “acupuncture was a safe method for smoking cessation and was effective in helping smokers to quit.”

A 2013 observational study of Chinese smokers also found positive results in which participants received at least six sessions of acupuncture. Acupuncture, the authors concluded, “is effective in smoking cessation and should be considered as an alternative to help smokers in quitting.”

Furthermore, when the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine are paired with painless laser acupuncture (PLA), smokers may find greater success in kicking the habit, a study published in Medical Acupuncture found. In addition to helping participants quit, the treatment also restored “their homeostasis and good health,” the authors reported.

Quitting smoking is not an easy task; it involves changes in habits and behaviour. Traditional Chinese Medicine is all about finding natural ways to help your body deal with the effects of smoking. Acupuncture or herbal medicine is often recommended when you are looking to quit. When you have acupuncture sessions the needles in the body help to release endorphins allowing the body to unwind, destress and make you want to smoke less.A professional practitioner can advise you better on how you can use acupuncture to help you to quit.

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