Do you remember when you reached your career goal and achieved the dream of being in a position to help and heal others? When you graduated from medical school and you and your loved ones pridefully and ceremoniously framed your medical certificate in a celebration of this monumental achievement.

Pragmatic and professional, you likely set out on a quest to make the world a healthier, happier place. You had chosen to dedicate your life to the well-being of others – a noble, selfless and just career.

The truth is, however, physicians and clinicians across the globe are at high risk for professional burnout. In British Columbia, 80 percent of physicians suffered from moderate to severe Emotional Exhaustion, 61 percent from moderate to severe Depersonalisation, and 44 percent had moderate to low feelings of Personal Accomplishment.(1) 

In Australia, there are more than 112,000 registered medical practitioners according to the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency. Of these, merely just over 500 are acupuncturists. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are ways to prevent these kinds of problems and continue your career in a meaningful, authentic way. Among many suggestions to steer clear of burnout, is assessing your values and looking at your options.

Physicians, nurses, psychiatrists and other healthcare providers are bombarded with emotional strain and physical stress that causes a generally higher level of professional burnout than other occupations. 

By continuing your education in a new and fresh field, you might find yourself reignited with the same passion and flair you had the day you received your certificate.

Whether you find yourself drawn to acupuncture, massage or herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine can not only provide your patients with complimentary care but can provide you with a renewed sense of purpose. 

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