Playing sports can be a fun and productive way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Keeping your body active is important, and enjoying yourself at the same time if even better. Unfortunately, all forms of sports come with their own risks.  From bodily pain to sore muscles and injuries, sports can be as rough on your body as they can be helpful. Luckily, Traditional Chinese Medicine has a few tips to help with such problems in Remedial Massage therapy.

Using a combination of refined techniques, lubricants, and movements, these treatments are designed to target the specific needs of the individual. It can be used to treat a number of common problems associated with sports, such as;

  1. Back Pain – Whether you’re experiencing tension, soreness, or stress, remedial massage is a great way of treating back pain. Once you determine your exact condition, a massage therapist will be able to soothe and stimulate just the right places to ease your pain and possibly realign your body as well.
  2. Tension & Knots – Strenuous activity can strain your muscles in all kinds of uncomfortable ways. When you start to feel pain or discomfort in a specific area after being active, you could be carrying tension or knots. These area-specific afflictions are exactly what remedial massage was made to treat.
  3. Muscle Sores – Whether it’s a specific muscle or your entire body feels sore, remedial massage can work to ease those pains and soothe your muscles into relaxation. Sometimes we put our muscles to such a strain that they require a gentle release in order to feel fully functional again.
  4. Strained Joints – These can be some of the most uncomfortable consequences of strenuous physical activity. Joint sprains can make the simple act of moving a painful experience, which is why their relief is so crucial to our well-being. Remedial massage therapy tackles the issue directly, treating the afflicted area with precise and effective care to make your movement free once again.

The Sydney Institute Of Traditional Chinese Medicine is an accredited institution specialising in remedial massage and many other forms of healing. Visit us here to learn more and schedule a consultation today.

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