As the body’s largest organ, skin is uniquely vulnerable to all kinds of ailments, with two of the most common being eczema and acne. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has offered therapies for these illnesses for centuries. The aim of TCM is to address the root of these skin conditions, which can include factors such as Yin and Yang imbalances as well as dampness, heat, and dryness.

Using TCM to aliviate Eczema

The Chinese University of Hong Kong states that eczema affects roughly 25 percent of children and 2-3 percent of adults. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine refer to eczema as skin asthma since many of the people who suffer from it tend to have asthma or are likely to have it in the future. Acupuncture is one of the TCM therapies that is often prescribed for eczema and can provide dramatic positive results. Some versions of acupuncture have been developed for children and are also known to provide relief from both eczema and asthma, according to the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Other treatments include the use of Chinese herbs, such as the Jianpi Chushi Decoction administered in a study by the Zhengzhou University

 In TCM, eczema has two causes: heat and dampness. In this context, heat can refer to emotional stress and exhaustion. Dampness may refer to the retention of water or a humid environment. These two factors are the focus of TCM eczema treatment.

Using TCM to Treat Acne

Like eczema, the cause of acne is heat and dampness. Acne is most commonly a problem for teenagers and their hormonal changes trigger the problems with heat and dampness according to TCM. Acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal remedies are effective for this problem as well. A study from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine has shown TCM therapies like acupuncture to be beneficial for helping in the treatment of acne. 

The benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine for skincare can bring not just confidence for you but also a healthier way to treat your body. 

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