The inability to conceive a child can be a source of much sorrow for a couple. Sometimes there is no apparent reason for the problem, and that just makes it harder. But there is hope. Acupuncture has an amazing ability to help couples conceive and is fast becoming a recognised and effective method for treating infertility. 

Acupuncture may reduces stress

External factors such as career, finances, and more can cause stress for an individual. Being unable to have a child can add to this. Stress causes the body to release stress hormones.

These hormones are intended to help a person escape or face a dangerous situation, also known as the fight or flight reaction.

They are not intended to be in the system on a regular basis. Someone under constant stress finds themselves in a vicious circle. They are upset, which causes stress hormones to be released, and then they are anxious and stressed because of the presence of the hormones.

Acupuncture and Endorphins

For a woman trying to conceive, stress is bad, because stress can alter her normal menstrual cycle, making conception even more unlikely. Acupuncture restores normalcy by causing the body to release endorphins, which are the body’s own painkillers. Endorphins have a calming effect, erasing anxiety and inducing feelings of well-being. Once a normal state has been achieved, blood flow is normalised back to the ovaries and uterus, enhancing fertility. Acupuncture also helps to restore normal blood flow to all areas of the body. 

Endorphins also influence the brain’s pituitary gland, or master gland. The pituitary is responsible for releasing and regulating the hormones of menstruation, conception and early pregnancy. Endorphins help to normalise this critical hormonal system, increasing the chances of pregnancy. 

Some women have difficulty with conception because they have negative immune system factors. Acupuncture, along with diet and herbs, may help to correct theseelements factors and restore the immune system to normal function, eliminating the immune issues that can prevent normal pregnancy from occurring. 

Acupuncture and IVF

Studies have shown that acupuncture increases the chances of success with IVF, too.  Among women receiving IVF and acupuncture concurrently, the pregnancy rate was close to double when compared to women who were only receiving IVF and no acupuncture. 

Acupuncture and Male Infertility

Acupuncture can help men, too. About a third of the time, conception problems are the result of male fertility problems. Acupuncture improves sperm count and motility, both critical factors in conception.

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