Herbal medicine has been around longer than traditional medicine. In fact, it was used by the Chinese back before traditional medicine was started. When you use herbal medicine, you are using products that are natural and derived from plants. These remedies come in many forms such as essential oils, teas, extracts, and even can be made into tablets.

While many don’t trust herbal medicine (even though it has been around for a very long time), it is quite effective at helping with the healing of multiple ailments and conditions. So, what can herbal medicine treat?

Common colds and other respiratory problems. Garlic acts against infections, both bacterial and viral, helping your body fight colds and other respiratory problems.

Fever. Echinacea is used to help your body fight any infections by stimulating your immune system.Lemon balm is also a potent herb that helps bring down the body’s temperature; it’s a light sedative helping with the sleep.

Headaches and even arthritic pain. There are many different herbal treatments which help with pain. Peppermint is commonly used to treat headaches.

Heart disease. There are some herbal treatments that work to lower fat in your body which can help prevent heart disease.

Female gynaecological issues. This includes premenstrual symptoms, as well as cramps during your period. There are even treatments to help with menopause.

Digestive problems including irritable bowel syndrome. There are also many herbal treatments for nausea. Ginger is commonly used for this, even with morning sickness. If your digestive tract is not working properly, a bitter medication may stimulate your digestive juices to start working better.

Anxiety, tension, and even depression. St John’s wort has been very effective in treating depression, anxiety, and even insomnia. There have been many clinical studies with the herb and placebos to identify its effectiveness, and in some cases, the herb had superior results but with few side effects. Hence the importance of having a conversation with your doctor/ psychology and whether the herb can help you.

Camomile tea is well also known for it’s calming and relieving properties, in babies is often recommended by western doctors that help them with colics. Whereas for adults, having a cup of tea before bed helps with a smoothie sleeping night.

High blood pressure. Studies have shown that some herbal medications can decrease your blood pressure naturally.

If you are struggling with any ailment, you may want to consider a more natural approach. No matter what is bothering you, you should be looking for alternative aways along with our current treatment.

If you are looking for a better way, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would be happy to help you find natural remedies for your illnesses and conditions.

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