Sprained ankles are one of the most common injuries to occur in everyday life. Whether you’re jogging down the street or just walking in your home, they can happen almost anywhere at any time. When you’ve sprained an ankle, it’s important to begin the healing process as quickly as possible in order to bring your body back into the most ideal state of well-being. While most common treatments will heal your ankle over time, traditional Chinese medicine does have a few ways of helping the process along.

The focus of traditional Chinese medicine is to properly align the natural energies of your body, bringing it into the idealt ideal state of health and balance. When we suffer from injuries such as sprained ankles, these energies can become tangled or blocked, rendering our natural regenerative capabilities less effective. Under these circumstances, our objective becomes to open up or realign these pathways to the injury in order to keep the healing process moving as optimally as possible. The most common treatment for a sprained ankle would be acupuncture, which the practitioner will use to direct the body’s energy into the most ideal points.

While general medical treatment should never be avoided, there are good grounds in which to consider the benefits of acupuncture treatments for such injuries. The methods used by acupuncturists and traditional Chinese medical practitioners have been refined and well documented for thousands of years.

While everyone is different and every case is unique, many positive signs are showing these methods to be effective in making you feel better and getting you on your feet faster. It is usually best to consult a doctor and ascertain the specifics of your condition, then make a decision together on whether to proceed with TCM treatments.

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