Why Choose a Career in Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is rapidly growing in popularity and has already proven to be highly sought-after alternatives to traditional, pharmaceutical medicine that is commonly practised in many Western cultures. While students who major in TCM may have more narrow field of choices for employment than other traditional health science graduates, there are still plenty of job options available to students who choose to study TCM.

TCM expands over quite a large field of various fields of study. Students who study TCM will find work in fields including:

  • herbalist
  • massage therapy
  • nutrition and health consultants
  • new product research & development
  • work in sports-related fields and therapies
  • new medicine or treatment research & discovery

These are only some of the fields that you will be able to get into post your TCM studies.

Moreover, you will be able to support people improve their lives and live healthier each day all while providing the following benefits to you as a practitioner:

  • Provides you with a hands-on job that helps you avoid the 9-to-5 grind that would otherwise be a computer, telephone, or desk job. Instead, you get hands-on experience doing different tasks all while helping people live and feel better.
  • You continue to be inspired to live a healthier and fuller lifestyle yourself in the same way you help others as they journey towards a healthier lifestyle as well.
  • You continue to learn throughout your life as there are constantly new discoveries being made. Chinese medicine is 1000s of years old, yet new discoveries continue to come out. Your learning as a TCM practitioner is never done!
  • The field of TCM is becoming a front-runner alternative to traditional forms of Western medicine. Many people even use customs and principles of many ancient herbal methods as a means of treating their health alongside Western practices. So just because someone takes a name-brand drug or a “Westernized” medication does not mean that they will not come seek additional benefits from ancient forms of medicine such as TCM.

The final point is that you do not have to go to China to study TCM as a career. There are many schools all over the world that will allow you to study TMC through a quality certification program. One such institution is right here at the Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We offer a complete curriculum including all of the courses and classes that you will need to complete your certification.

If you are interested in more information or want to complete a certificate in Traditional Chinese Medicine please feel free to contact us.